The night before Glintfest

The night before Glintfest — is a holiday adventure, in which players fight the old and evil Duchesse Antrara to save the celebration of magical night Glintfest. Antrara wants to wreak havocб, to cover the glorious city of Qaeda in the darkness and to ignite the old war in its inhabitants. Noble adventurists will face many quests, pain and obstacles. You can use this adventure as a blueprint for any game system. All game mechanics are for four level 3 adventurers, according to Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition rules.

This package includes the following resources

x35 beautiful maps.

Adventure PDF with a professional look.

System D&D 5E

Adventure type one shot

Recommended Average Group Level (APL) 3

General theme New Year’s Eve

Setting any

Time Sessions to completion x1 session (~8 hours)

Players 8 12 hours and 4 players

English language

This module can be played at any level by adjusting the number of monsters in it, as well as their behavior.

Other You can use as a base for your adventure, or print and play from a pre made scenario. The adventure was created for an atmospheric game for the New Year. Commercial use is prohibited.

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