Chester’s Holiday Subclasses

Chester, the mimic, has witnessed a bunch of festive adventurers pass by, and now he had me document his findings!

You can use these subclasses in your holiday themed D&D game OR by changing the titles around can you have an entirely viable subclass for your ongoing campaigns!

This PDF includes one subclass for all 12 base 5e classes
Barbarian, Path of Grinchiness
Bard, College of Carollers
Cleric, Cheer Domain
Druid, Circle of the Yeti
Fighter, Nutcracker
Monk, Way of the Three Spirits
Paladin, Oath of the Listmaker
Ranger, Winter Wrangler
Rogue, Chimney Swipe
Sorcerer, Frozen Soul
Warlock, Pact of Krampus
Wizard, School of Scrooging

You made it to the end of the year! Have a wonderful break!


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Vivas K
Dec 12, 2022 702 pm EST

Also for the Ranger, is the casting of Phantom Steed supposed to be ‘once without using a spell slot’? Right now it just says ‘once using a spell slot’. Also can you cast the spell with any spell slots you have available?

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Vivas K
Dec 12, 2022 653 pm EST

Are there supposed to be domain spells for the Cleric? I’m not seeing them in the document…

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