Expanded Monsters Eldritch Eyes for the Shadowdark RPG

Expanded Monsters Eldritch Eyes provides Shadowdark RPG game masters with a new order of monstrous creature with which to bedevil their players. The Eldritch Eyes are strange and powerful creatures with a terrifying origin. The booklet provides several ranks of Eldritch Eyes that can challenge characters and players of all levels!

This booklet includes
General Description
Eldritch Eye Eyestalk Powers
Eldritch Gas Spore
Least Eldritch Eye
Minor Eldritch Eye
Lesser Eldritch Eye
Greater Eldritch Eye
Major Eldritch Eye
Eldritch Eye Lord
Petty Eldritch Eye
Magic Item Arcane Orb
Magic Item Eldritch Eyestalk Wand
Equivalent Hit Die System
Minimum Experience Point Award System

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