Flood Lights A Sci Fi Thriller One Shot

At the centre of the multiverse is the Bridge, a wormhole with no known beginning or end. At the centre of the Bridge is the city of Arrival, the only place on Earth where rainfall can carry glimpses into other realities. And at the centre of this city is you, one of the few people on Earth who can draw a Glimpse into our world.

In Flood Lights, the players’ characters are among the few audience members who are not affected by a stun attack at the Arrival Olympic Stadium. With policeunable to enter and help, it’s up to the characters to prevent a team of dangerous operatives from unleashing otherwordly horrors through the supernatural water below the stadium. They might navigate a stadium, a restaurant, winding storm drains, and more depending on how they approach this sci fi thriller one shot.

This one shot adventure takes roughly 2 4 hours. It has been designed for the Cypher System and a party of 3 6 tier 2 characters.


  • Multiple pathways, secret entrances, and an alternate ending chapter. Players and the GM are free to play to see what happens.
  • An image lite printer friendly version, digital NPC token assets, and digital maps.
  • Glimpses, a fresh way to wield Cyphers with a multiversal twist.
  • Eight NPC stat blocks, six of which have unique action oriented move sets.
  • Handy GM Maps with everything you need to run each location of the adventure. Each landmark has a box of relevant information written right on top of the map.

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