Forbidden Isle of the Nightstalkers (OSR)

The backwater village of Thornhill is a dismal, dreary place. Its folk—superstitious, backward peasants—have little to do with the outside world. Sometimes, though, the outside world intrudes on Thornhill and its folk.

A century ago, a vampire came to Thornhill. Crusading adventurers destroyed the beast, but not without great cost. Before its destruction, the night stalker infected several villagers with its terrible curse. The survivors could not bring themselves to slay their fellows. Instead, they imprisoned the vampire’s spawn in a hidden tomb to await a cure that never came.

Now, a mad priest’s blasphemous pursuit of the greater good lures the characters to a hidden prison tomb dug into a lonely island amid the ebon waters of a cursed lake.

An adventure by Creighton Broadhurst for 3rd level characters.

A Note About Print Options

This is a black and white book, although the available print options only list colour editions. This is because the paper available for colour printing is thicker and of a higher quality than that used for black and white books. Better paper is more durable and takes scribbles and highlighting better than thin paper. Thus, to make the book more durable and useful, we went with the better paper.

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