Manual of Gainful Exercise D&D Subclass Workouts

Set your heart ablaze and go beyond your limits!

TheManual of Gainful Exercise is a collection of over 100 workouts, each based on a D&D 5E Subclass. Each has varying intensities and styles ranging from stretching and mobility to gymnastic strength to metabolic burners to power/olympic lifting complexes. I sincerely hope there’s something in here for you and your current capabilities. Even if this just inspires you to move your body, that’s a huge win and something to be proud of!

I’m open to feedback and would love you to help you personally with any modifications you may need and that I can include in the text!

Good luck, have fun, and lift with pride!

Steve Huynh

What’s inside?

  • 119 workouts based on the D&D sublcassesand 14 additional workouts all fully tested!
  • An introduction, common modifications for beginners, and a section on why I wrote this.
  • Tables organizing workouts by Subclass, Challenge Rating (CR), and Location.
  • A glossary explaining the fitness terms used.

Keep Playing it Forward

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In either case, please consider rating and leaving a review! If you have any feedback on the workouts or ideas on how it can be better, I would love to hear it.

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