March of Dragonlance

Are you in need of a hero ready to explore, yet do not have time to make a unique character? Well here is a suitable option presented for you.

Introducing a new line of pregenerated character options for your DnD adventure, either fun one shot or long term campaign.

Special Release for the return of Dragonlance, with 6 characters set at level 1.

Character Included

Pipin Featherwind, the Cruious Brawler. A Kender Barbarian with the Mercenary Veteran background.

Gulkam Fetgerok, the Upstanding Hunter. A Hill Dwarf Ranger with the Noble background.

Seuhen Menzehk, the Celestial Researcher. A Variant Human Lunar Sorcerery Sorcerer with the Mage of High Sorcery background.

Aelamin Willospirit, the Optimistic Protector A High Elf Paladin with the Knight of Solamnia background

Vorston Bilowhold, the Acorbatic Scholar. A Forest Gnome Monk with the Sage background.

Thejeon Duskmight, the Battle Seeker. A Wood Elf War Domain Cleric with the Solider background.

Ability Scores determined with Standard Array and Ability Score Increases used are those typically used for races/lineages.

Used only Officially Published Sources from WotC in creation process.
There is no designated appearance, nor sex, gender, age, or sexual orientation, allowing for easy customization for each and every player, as well as greater ease when working on character art.
All Characters made for use in Fifth Edition (5e) DnD


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