New Years Eve Tavern Crawl


New Years Eve One Shot

Fresh off your latest adventure it is time to head to the nearest tavern and unwind. Lucky for you the road has led you to the town of Cedarvale which is holding its annual Tavern Crawl Tournament. Teams that earn all 7 coins will have their names etched upon the Tournament Bell and be able to carry the prestigious Tavern Crawl Champion Medal. This is no simple feat to accomplish all the challenges before the sun rises and the bell tolls. You will need the strength of many, a quick wit, and a fair bit of cunning and charisma to earn the right to call yourself a Tavern Crawl Tournament Champion!

This module has the following

  • 7 Taverns

  • 10 Tavern Games

  • Bonus Events

  • 1 Am I Drunk Chart

  • Cast of Colorful Characters

  • Printer Friendly Map and Challenge Coins


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