The Thief King’s Prize Adventure Scenario


An official Runesword RPG adventure scenario for 3 4 adventurers of experience category competent or experienced.

Tales of the legendary Thief King, Berek, still circulate among the rogues and criminals of Lakeholm’s underground. Almost a century and a half after his demise, Berek’s name still has the power to instil fear and admiration in equal measure.

Now a possible successor has risen to claim overlordship of Lakeholm’s rowdy thieves. Ulmar Ironheart needs one thing to seal his legitimacy as the new King of Thieves. Berek’s jewelled and golden chain of office was said to have been made from the numerous items he daringly pilfered from the city’s nobles. It would make a potent symbol for any thief lord. The problem is that it was buried with Berek in his trap filled barrow long ago…

The adventurers are recruited by Ulmar’s henchmen to venture into the long lost barrow and retrieve the famous chain. Fiendish traps, deadly guardians, and the ever present danger of treachery must all be confronted along the way.

This scenario focuses strongly on problem solving. It can be completed in an average of 1 or 2 game sessions. Different starting hooks are given for the GM to adapt to their group as appropriate and suggestions for how to build on the scenario for follow up adventures are included as well.

The Runesword RPG Rulebook is required to play this scenario.

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