The Unquiet Dead


Long ago, a devil named Durgon came to our world. He brought with him fire and brimstone, and a cult arose around him. Together, they spread fear and death across the land. Eventually, Durgon was slain by a cleric of the light, a man named Davos. In order to keep the devil from returning to our world, Davos sealed his bones away beneath a temple and placed divine wards on it to prevent Durgon’s cultists from reaching them. Many years passed and Davos finally succumbed to old age, his body laid to rest in his family crypt. The cult of Durgon, ever vigilant, saw this as an opportunity to resurrect their dark messiah. They pillaged his skull from its resting place and subsumed it in profane energy, the very act of which caused the dead around them to rise as undead horrors. Now, they work to undo the wards that bar them from their master’s bones. Unless our heroes uncover the plot and reach the temple in time, Durgon will return and darkness will envelop the land. For now though, they only know that the dead have risen in an ancient family crypt and there’s good coin to be made putting them back down.

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