Array of Champions Core Rulebook and Player’s Handbook

Array of Champions is a high fantasy RPG with four goals that are missing in today’s RPG landscape.

I. Engaging tactical combat. A 7 phase combat round, unlike any other roleplaying game. Enabling a variety of unique, flavorful, and interesting actions for players to perform. The initiative system minimizes downtime. Players perform their actions at the same time each phase, in an epic back and forth with their enemies!

II. The sensation of being heroic. This is not a game based around low fantasy or low magic. Champions are larger than life slashing through mountains, stopping time, and being in all places at one but the villains have access to the same tricks, and are as vile as the champions are heroic…

III. A high fantasy setting that facilitates adventure unlike any other. Your vampire neighbor needs protection from the scary monsters? The local tavern proprietor is a banshee (make sure you pay off your tab). Be warned though! The Atlasians are a tangible threat to this peaceful coexistence!

IV. Mechanically and narratively different characters. With 120 paths between the 4 basic classes as well as 24 races, players have a world of self expression ahead of them!

And don’t worry about the setting. The setting does provide a form of grounding, but Array of Champions is flexible. Adaptable to your favorite setting, or even making your own!

Try before you buy! A free preview edition of the Core Rules and the Bestiary is available! The preview edition has ALL core rules, 12 of the 120 paths and 2 of the 24 races. Besides paths and races it’s also missing the custom race builder, otherwise it is a free, complete representation of the game!

I hope you’ll look forward to the Complete Bestiary (Estimated Release Date March 2023)!

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