Cantrip Panic a picture book of tiny beasts

D&D Legacy Presents Cantrip Panic

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This book celebrates 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons. In the history of D&D, art plays a critical role in the design and changes to each new addition of the game. It’s a Pixar like picture book and a writers room guide to tiny beasts. Pixar makes content that will show, not tell. Engaging story can come just from visuals. Use as much or as little of this book as you choose.

Establish the game with your children in less than 10 minuets with little dialogue. This book helps parents do that. These tiny beasts each have cantrips that show their individual belief systems.

This is a web of characters that will produce organic conflict and change. It is easy to pair these characters based on opposites. However, the philosophical conflict fuels storytelling. Thus, that is how these characters are brought to life.

Before children need be concerned with complex game mechanics. This book helps give parents story tools using a theater of mind with their children.

Like with children, this content can supplement contend for persons with disabilities and therapy games in the Dungeons and Dragons community.

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