Druid Subclasses Volume I DragonRoc RPG Design

Druid Subclasses Volume I DragonRoc RPG Design

This supplement features 3 new subclassesfor the Druid class(see descriptions below).

Circle of Darkness –Manipulators of darkness, who can summon their own shadows as an ally. Rather than fearing places without light, they bind the dark to them, making it their domain.

Circle of the HuntStalwart warriors wielding martial weapons astride magical creatures, defending the land to which they are devoted.

Circle of Stone Earth and stone are the strong foundation upon which all things are built. These druids are masters of those elements, evoking its great power and shaping it to their needs.

This is the fourth installment in a series of supplements fromDragonRoc RPG Design, each of which focuses on one of the classes from Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, offering new subclasses and additional optional features.

DragonRoc RPG Designis a partnership between Daniel Lieberman and René Beauregard, devoted to creating content for the TTRPG community, primarily to be used in games of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition(including new subclasses, species, magic items, monsters). In addition to our own material, we are always looking to collaborate with other members of the community, whether it be creating custom designs as a commission or as consultants lending our perspectives and experience to help others develop, refine and balance material.

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