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Ormpur Setting Guidebook

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“Rest you, good lady. Your labors have been hard this day, and the gods shall no soon forget what you accomplished. A war begun, a throne overthrown, a temple plundered, a city in flames, and hundreds dead. Hmmm… after this, I hope you don’t find the morrow empty and boring.”
~The Mad Jester

Included in the Ormpur Setting Guidebook

  • Expandedlorefor the City of Saffron

    • History detailing Ormpur, including an overview of Trade, Taxes, and Tithes
    • A listing & description of the city’s fourteen (14) districts
    • Overland Map of the city
  • Moonraker Inn

    • Background on the city’s largestestablishment
    • DM numbered & Player map of the inn and courtyard
    • Pricing information for guests
  • Ormpur Market

    • Expanded details of theforty five(45) shops in the marketplace
    • Details goods & services offered, with pricing lists
    • DM numbered & Player map of the market
  • Optional Side Quests in Ormpur

    • Three (3) expanded adventures
    • Included Quest Hooks, Backgrounds, andEncountersfor each adventure
    • DM numbered & Player maps for eachadventure
  • 14 Items Magical and Mundane

  • 17 new Non Player Characters

    • Seventeen new NPCs to encounter in the City of Saffron
    • Each with Art & Statblocks
  • Campaign Primer

    • Campaign adventure background
    • Sets up a 9 part Adventure Path set in OrmpurLibrary of the Gilded Salamander

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NoteThis product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version,clickhere.

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