The King of Lemish Adventures of Ansalon 1

Until a few years ago, Barun in Fayd was extremely successful. With his military background, he was classed as a master tactician. He was also extremely skilled with sword and shield.

His band consisted of nearly 400 soldiers and about 800 other people. Wives, husbands, children, craftsmen, bakers, butchers, etc. Yes, they were the beginning of a people of their own.

While the common people built a large village in the forest, the soldiers hired out their services to local warlords.

Everything went very well for them. Until Barun’s people during a violent drunken night proclaimed him king of Lemish. It was half in jest, but with a slight undertone of seriousness. Barun is descended from an old noble family. They have had no land or castle since the Cataclysm, but he still wears the family sword and ring.

This royal proclamation spread to a couple of the local lords. Somehow it was taken seriously, the lords putting aside old grudges to deal with the problem of the newly proclaimed king. Soon scores of soldiers were searching for Barun. His camp was captured, people were killed and Barun fled. For several days he was hunted. But when he reached a coastal village and stole a boat, the lords men could no longer follow.

Perhaps Barun would have been content to escape, had it not been for the capture of his wife. Now he lives in village close to the ruins of Gwan, where he is gathering soldiers who can help him free his wife and assassinate the lords who crushed his bandit band.

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