The Undercity of Orungor

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Hey everyone! Let me present to you the Undercity of Orungor, the final map for the Dwarven theme theme.
The Great Entrance in the outer city of Orungor leads to the Undercity of Orungor, once home to the king of Ballaer. The undercity was at its height, excavating tunnels to open up new halls, when the Dragon War started. Ballaer was the first to fall and the majestic designs that the dwarves had for their undercity were never realized.
These days the undercity can still be accessed, but is guarded by the dwarves of the Wyvernbane clan, who consider this a sacred site. Only dwarves who dedicate their lives to restoring the old kingdom are allowed to enter the undercity.
Within the undercity wait no glorious sight. Parts of the ceiling have collapsed, most of the buildings have been reduced to rubble and the new tunnels have collapsed. From the entrance balconies one can still imagine what the city might have looked like in the past. Between the ruined buildings one might still recognize the original street patterns.
The Undercity of Orungor is a sad sight, but for those who support Oriwyn Wyvernbane’s cause to restore the kingdom, it is also a reason to fight on.

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