Dustbunnies Archetype Cards

This pack contains sixteen (16) Tarot sized (2.75″ x 4.75″) character cards for use withDustbunnies Life Under the Couch. It includes all 7 of the Ready to Roll Dustbunny characters from the core book, two more Dustbunnies used in either the Quick Start Adventure or the Novice Adventures book, as well as several friends and foes from the core book.

The printing friendly PDF version has 9 pages a cover page and 8 pages with two cards each, front and back. Print on card stock, fold, and glue for your home usage.

Or get the print on demand (POD) cards and save yourself the ink and trouble. The 16 two sided, Tarot sized cards are already printed on premium card stock, with low glosseco friendly water based AQ satin coating and nicely rounded corners.

Wild Cards — two sides, description on front, stats on back.

  • Doe
  • Ray
  • Mee
  • Fah
  • Soh
  • Lah
  • Tee
  • Old Max
  • Emcee Button
  • The Brush of Doom
  • The Great Vacuum
  • The Doobma
  • Jeri the Mouse

Extras and Harry the Spider — a different Extra on each side of the card, with the Wild Card Harry, on one of them.

  • Harry the Spider
  • Spider
  • Dog (Large)
  • Dog (Small)
  • Mouse
  • House Cat

Dustbunnies Life Under the Couch

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