Dustbunnies Play Mat

Designed for use with Dustbunnies Life Under the Couch, this Play Mat has

  • Raise calculation chart
  • Bennies usage list
  • Place for your dice
  • Place for your Action Card (with notes about the Tricksy Joker).
  • Creative Trickses table
  • Status row — place a token to keep track of your character’s status.

The PDF version is a single two sided page — with all the game content on one side and the cover illustration on the other. You can print the Play Mat and hand them out to players around the gaming table. It’s designed in layers so you can print the whole beautiful, two sided mat with all the colors and the cover or you can remove layers with the background art and other graphics to save ink.

The print on demand version comes with ten(10)copies of the Play Mat on 8″ x 10″ cards. These two sided cards areprinted on premium card stock, with low glosseco friendly water based AQ satin coating. The front and back are the same as the PDF, pre printed with the coating for durability and ease of use. Hand out these slick Play Mats to impress your players and help them keep track of things during the game.

The Dustbunnies Play Mat is especially helpful when playing with kids.

Dustbunnies Life Under the Couch

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