Fire Station Battlemaps

The building is two floors with a large interior balcony overlooking the garage. In the ‘Vintage’ variations the hose drying tower is part of the main structure, but that’s been moved to a new tower in the ‘Modern’ variations.

There’s a decontamination room as well as regular laundry, a gym, locker room, maintenance room, meeting/training room, lounge, etc.

In the ‘Vintage’ variations they have a kennel for the dalmation(s).

There are ruined, ‘Abandoned’ variations and ‘Unfurnished’ variations (for those who want to add/imagine their own interior design).

At some point the station was sold and converted into a chic, private art ‘Gallery’. Upstairs the owner has an apartment, perhaps a pied à terre.

Finally, for those who bust ghosts, there are ‘Weird Science’ variations with strange laboratory spaces.


This pack includes 9 variations of the map (36 total map images).

  • Modern
  • Vintage (1920s/30s)
  • Modern Abandoned
  • Vintage Abandoned
  • Modern Weird Science (laboratory)
  • Vintage Weird Science
  • Modern Unfurnished
  • Vintage Unfurnished
  • Modern Art Gallery

Every variation comes with gridded/ungridded and night/day (or open/closed) versions.


36 by 22 squares (5040 × 3080 px)

Designed for use with VTTs

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