Iron Falcon Handbook of Monsters

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Some of our monsters are missing…

The Iron Falcon Rules for Classic Fantasy Role Playing represent the role playing rules and style of the early days of role playing. One of the side effects of choosing that era is that many classic monsters are simply missing, as they had not been invented yet! But what if you have an adventure written for a slightly later era, or perhaps an Old School Renaissance adventure module designed in the classic style? Finding Iron Falcon compatible statistics for classic monsters can be a challenge.

There must be a solution.

This book is it. The Iron Falcon Handbook of Monsters combines the original core rulebook creatures with the full list of monsters found in the Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game, along with many additional monsters by the author and contributors. These new monsters have been made fully compatible with the Iron Falcon rules. Some of the existing monsters from the Iron Falcon rulebook have been carefully revised, with attention paid to retaining their style and flavor.

Classic challenges for Old School adventures!

The goal of all of this is simple The Iron Falcon Handbook of Monsters aims to be the go to resource for anyone running RPG campaigns using 0e era games, whether classic or retroclone, providing all the monsters needed to run classic adventures as well as more modern adventures written in the classic style. You are invited to judge the results for yourself.

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