Isometric Map Pack

A set of four beautifully detailed High Res Isometric Maps!

We love to use isometric maps in our games for something different, it gives players a different perspective and can fill that gap between tactical and overland maps. This format is also just so visually appealing. We want to see more of this style map so thought we would put some out there! So please enjoy high res gridded and clean versions of all 4 of these maps

  • Jungle jungle thinning out to a coastal peninsula, with interesting features like ruins, caves, streams, ponds and even a
  • Crossroads typical crossroads on rolling hills, crudely fenced on one side with a camp and remnants of a broken wagon on the other
  • Desert tiered desert terrain with remnants of a statue and sparse vegetation. The terrain drops off into darkness and unknown adventures below…
  • Glacial Lake this terrain presents interesting environmental challenges for your players with a half frozen lake surrounded by ice, snow, woods and cliffs

We hope you and your players enjoy!

Note The logo is much smaller on the full res maps than the low res samples illustrated here




Glacial Lake

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