Malefactor Domain Forgotten Faiths of Faerun #3

The Forgotten Faiths of Faerun project seeks to bring the magic and majesty of the Dieties of the Forgotten Realms from our AD&D 2nd Edition games, to your D&D 5th Edition table.

We’ve shamelessly cheesed lore from Eric L. Boyd’s fantastic 2nd Edition book, Powers and Pantheons (Pick yourself up a copy!), dug up little known gods, taken the important ‘Speciality Priest’ class features and cobbled them into Domains (or Paths or Circles) that we enjoy playing.

The Malefactor Domain is the next of our takes on the Powers and Pantheons Lore.

Gargauth (also known as Astaroth) was a Prince of The Nine Hells. So foul was he, even his own kind couldn’t stand the stink of his corruption.

Now a demi god, wandering the Material Plane after being cast from the Hells, this utterly depraved archdevil is dedicated to cruelly corrupting the Realms. An incarnation of evil most rotten, Gargauth embodies the inevitable moral decay that follows the victories won by evil means and the most horrific betrayals imaginable. And he does it all with a smile…

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