On Murky Seas

This title comes with adventure pdf and map files to use with encounters.

The fishing town of Murky Tide is the home to hardy sailors and salty fishermen. While not a large merchant port, it has gained a reputation as a haven for smugglers. Beyond the fringes of Poron’s authority and far north of Bantimar’s naval territory, Murky Tide is not beholden to the laws of any kingdom or city state. The numerous criminal organizations that operate within Murky Tide have attracted the focus of pirates and privateers alike seeking to profit off raiding smuggling vessels coming to and from port. The Kingfisher, the individual in charge of Murky Tide has ensured that the civilian fishermen are protected from any repercussions of the local criminal activity including pirate attacks. Up until now, that promise had been kept intact. Recently however, numerous ships have been discovered missing their crews or never seen again. The attacks have escalated to include small and unassuming fishing boats. The Kingfisher has put out a bounty on the culprits of these attacks. Sail the sea and discover the truth behind these mysterious attacks.

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