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Dogs have inherited the world, building the kingdom of Pugmire untold centuries after the Ages of Man are over. These dogs have been uplifted to use tools and language, and they seek to rediscover the ruins of the Old Ones. Some have learned to use the leftover technology of humanity, but they believe it to be magic handed to them by their lost gods. Others seek to create an ideal civilization, using a Code of Man compiled from ancient, fragmentary lore left behind by humanity. The world is dangerous and mysterious, but good dogs will persevere.

This package contains over 350 tokens to use as player characters, enemies, or monsters drawn from the Pugmire Core Rulebook. It also contains three maps to act as props in your virtual tabletop sessions. Use these in conjunction with any Realms of Pugmire game!

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Connection LostConnection Lost (A Pugmire Squeaks in the Deep Jumpstart)

Connection Lost is a Pugmire Squeaks in the Deep story for three to five players. This jumpstart contains all the rules and characters you need to play — just grab some dice and go! You can also use this adventure with the full version of Squeaks in the Deep.

Connection Lost contains

  • An evocative and mysterious setting that’s both family friendly and deep enough to create compelling stories.
  • A summary of Pugmire’s traditional fantasy rules system. It’s designed for streamlined play, with an emphasis on cooperation and action over competition and violence.
  • A complete adventure for a Guide to run for three to five players. Also useful for Guides running a full Squeaks in the Deep game of first or second level characters!
  • Five ready to play characters, so you can jump into the action.

It’s time to listen to the squeaks in the deep.

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