The Warren A Mothership Scenario

The PCs are sent to replace deceased personnel on Bothros, a remoteexperimental research station as part of the monthly supply drop. The nextship will be back in one month. The Company is experimenting on fourspecimens of dangerous extraterrestrial life at this remote station far fromtraditional commercial routes near a small planet and large sun.

Adventure design, text and layoutAl Smith
Adventure design andartworkEvlyn Moreau

A one shot pamphlet adventure for Mothership featuring a mystery to investigate, a charismatic villain to foil, relatable NPCs to befriend, a extraterrestrial organism to fight offand a space station map to explore.

This product is based on the Mothership® Sci Fi Horror Role Playing Game, published by Tuesday Knight Games. Thisproduct is published under license. MOTHERSHIP® is a registered trademark of Tuesday Knight Games. All rightsreserved.

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