VI∙VIII∙X KUP RPG Core Rules ~ Digital Playtest Edition



This is a new Fantasy RPG. Among the thousands of games of this very prolific industry, there could be no reason to choose this one. In this space a summary of all the ‘wow’ ideas or selling point should be listed, trying to capture with the net of the marketing any potential customer.

In this space there will be neither such a list, a ‘reason why’ for the purchase of this book, nor any kind of classification or labelling as it is not necessary the author is not a ‘grognard’, the game is not ‘old school’, there are not thousands of spells or hundreds of classes.

These rules have not been conceived to make this game a mass market product yielding zillions of revenues. Suffice it to say there is a different goal and, therefore, a different approach a distinct model, the KUP RPG, serving also a hopefully new gaming experience.

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