Villainy Unleashed

Villiany Unleashed contains over 30 supervillains (PL 8 16) that can serve as the basis for countless adventures and challenge your players!

This includes the bubble headed mad scientistEffervescence, gold obsessedgoblinAvarice, undead cowboyTombstone Kid, and living cartoonMr Wolf.Each character is provided with a fully developed profile, with surprising connections between them.

In addition world building elements are provided in the form ofThe Fall, a battle which ended a heroic age,The Beyond, which exists outside of space and time,Miniopolis,the worlds smallest big city, and the mass produced henchmenGoo Ns.

Dare you letVillany Unleashed?

Requires the Mutants & Mastermind’s Hero’s Handbook by Green Ronin Publishing for use.

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