A New Dawn Renaissance in Faerûn

A New Dawn Renaissance in Faerun

Toril has changed.

After millenia of powerful wizards and gods causing apocalyptic events, most of the people decided that it was enough. Magic, instead of solving problems, was causing more trouble than ever, and from the gnome islands of Lantant a new paradigm has arisen the Intellect.

With this new knowledge, technology has progressed further, and from the darkness of high magic a new dawn has come to being. The climate changed, and new weapons and armies, new nations and factions had dethroned the old High Sorcery, and in a century of gnome’s watch, no new magical apocalypse has desolated the lands… for now.

What will you find here

Here you will find a complete progression of one hundred years into the future of Faerûn, where technology has advanced and made ancient relics and items a passtime for the rich. In this campaign book, you have

  • A brief story update of the hundred years that had passed by.
  • A map and info about the 17 kingdoms that form the modern Faerûn, which include the new powerhouses Amnica, the colony of the Nexalans in Faerûn; the Sublime Empire of the Hobgoblins and the Triple Kindom, the powerful realm in the Hearthlands.
  • New lists of equipment that reflect the new standards in weapons and armor, including rules for high and bad quality items, guns and cannons.
  • Three religions to choose for your clerics.
  • New ships and transportation, and several places to go (a guide across the various continents of the world).
  • 10 new factions and an variant alignment system.
  • Updates to the core races, with cultural variants, such as the desert dwarves or the imperial hobgoblins.
  • 4 new subclasses, one for every basic class (cleric, fighter, rogue and wizard).
  • 52 NPC statblocks, including legendary NPCs both for fight and social interaction.

The new dawn is for the brave and the intelligent. Do you dare to enter it?

This was a work of love in progress for over a year, and the suggested prize is a token to many hours of work. And it isPay what you wantfor limited time!

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