Card Casting 2 Counters and Control

The Game Has Evolved!

The possibilities of deck based magic expand exponentially with Card Casting 2 Counters and Control. This sequel to Cardcaster’s Gamble expands on the book most successful mechanics immense variety of options for construction, manipulating, and sabotaging decks.

Among these options are

  • 14 new magic talents
  • 2 new drawbacks, plus 4 new modifications to Card Casting
  • 34 new feats, including 15 new Deck feats
  • 15 new Deck Manipulations
  • New rules for Deckbound items and Proxy Talent Crystals
  • Expanded Technique rules, with three new techniques
  • 6 new casting traditions for emulating iconic card games
  • 2 new archetypes for the Spellweaver class
  • A new prodigy imbue sequence
  • A new akashic veil
  • The Machinist Lord of the Gate, a CR 15 card caster adversary who demonstrates the system
  • Guidelines for creating and using both physical and digital card casting decks
  • A sheet of blank cards for the construction of card casting decks.

Unlock the wonders of Counters and Control and elevate your card casting to new heights!

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