Dragonlance Peoples & Paragons War of the Lance Players Guide

The War of the Lance has begun...

Dragons. Creatures of legend. Stories told to children. But now dragons have returned to Krynn. The darkness of war and destruction engulfs the land…

Enter the world of Krynn and defy the conquering Dragon Armies withDragonlance Peoples & Paragons A War of the Lance Players Guide,a 165 page tome of player character options for epic quests on the continent of Ansalon and beyond.Rather than trying to capture every era of Krynn,this guide focuses on Ansalon during the War of the Lance, making it the perfect player resource forDragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queencampaigns or games using the original adventure path that began in DL1 Dragons of Despair.

  • Over 25 character ancestries/species/lineages/races
    • 5E rules for playing every one of Krynn’s peoples from the classic Races of Ansalon sourcebook,
    • All character origins use the latest 5e rules format introduced in Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse
    • Play as one of the relentless ursoi bear folk, a warlike Silvanesti elf of House Protector, a high flying kyrie, one of the unyielding Hylar mountain dwarves, an acid fanged jarak sinn lizardfolk, a nature shaping wild gnome, one of the reclusive telepaths known as the shadowpeople, and many, many more
  • 16 subclasses for the Player’s Handbookclasses, plus one for the Artificer
    • Unearth mysteries lost during the world shattering Cataclysm as a bard of the College of the Forgotten
    • Deepen your devotion to the Knights of Solamnia or another martial order with knightly subclasses like the Oath of the Measure, the Honor Domain, or the Questing Knight
    • Leap aloft on mystic flames inspired by the gods Sirrion, Habbakuk, and Sargonnas as a monk practicing the Way of Inner Fire
    • Walk the destined path of Krynn’s most famous wizard as a disciple studyingSecrets of Past and Present
  • A new class, the Leader
    • Guide and rally your allies with leadership talents inspired by classic characters like Tanis Half Elven, the Golden General, and the Blue Lady
    • Take on one of 5 Leader subclasses converted from Dragonlance classes from past editions (such as the Mariner, the Noble, and the Master)
  • 34 feats, all specially designed for War of the Lance games
    • Emulate heroes from the Dragonlance novels with feats like Hulking Build, Stage Magician’s Tricks, or Honor Bound
    • Prepare for war with feats like Frontline Soldier, Sergeant at Arms, and Tactician
    • Join elite orders with feats like Apprentice Windrider, Conscript of the Minotaur Legions, and Sikket’Hul Freedom Fighter
    • Explore parentage of different humanoid kinds with feats like Dwarvenkind Heritage, Goblinkind Heritage, Ice Folk Heritage, and more
  • Over 70 spells
    • New spells for every spellcasting class
    • Setting specific spells like chains of Hiddukel, Ladonna’s sharpening palm, forbidding flames of Sirrion, and Magius’s misty cloak
    • Spells for warrior mages to enhance weapon attacks, including weapon cantrips like frostwind blade, challenger’s mark, and punishing strike
  • Optional class features, as introduced inTasha’s Cauldron of Everything,for everyclass in the core books
    • Enhance and customize your class features to make your perfect character idea a reality
    • Deepen your ties to the Dragonlance story as a cleric who can create medallions of faith, a wizard with the wartime training of a battle mage, or a fighter who can make a frying pan a deadly weapon with the Aggressive Improvisation fighting style
  • A new mechanic, Knightly Disciplines
    • Special features for knights equivalent to a warlock’s eldritch invocations
    • Usable by members of other elite orders as well as Knights of Solamnia
    • Ways to customize and differentiate multiple knightly characters within the same campaign even in a whole party of knights, no two characters will feel or play the same
  • Detailed lore and setting informationfor every character origin
    • Know exactly how your character fits into the world
    • World information without spoilers for the course of the war or other future events DMs can give the whole book to players with confidence

Just as books like Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen reveal the secrets of Ansalon to DMs, here is the ultimate resource for players. Claim new power, flavorful options, deep lore, and balanced rules for your characters withDragonlance Peoples & Paragons A War of the Lance Players Guide!

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Jeremy Forbing is a Mithril bestselling DMs Guild creator who has been writing Dragonlance D&D material since the early 2000s, when he was one of the earliest contributors to the Dragonlance Nexus site. He is theauthor of theRavenloft Archetypesseries,whichCritical Role creator Matt Mercerpraised as“Really grand content! Well thought out, well presented, and a fantastic supplement to any campaign… Highly recommended!”His other D&D 5E creations and collaborations include the Blackstaff’s Book of 1,000 Spells, the subclasses and most other character options in projects likeElminster’s Candlekeep Companionand Grizelda’s Guide to Ghost Hunting, and the Masque of the Red Death Player’s Guide. For WotC’s D&D Adventurers League, he co wrote the capstone adventure for the Ravenloft Mist Hunters storyline, RMH EP 02 A Darklord’s Denouement, which premiered in 2022 and resolves some of the greatest mysteries from Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft. Jeremy lairs in Los Angeles with his wife Celine and their sons Isaac and Owen.

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A content packed resource for players and DM’s alike,Dragonlance Peoples & Paragonsis the perfect entry into the War of the Lance for your 5th Edition D&D campaign!

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