Fading Suns 4 Explorer’s Gear Equipment Card Set

Roughing It

When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, the last thing you need is for your Juandaastas Slider to break down — you should have brought a sturdy LeagueAuto Quadbike instead! Your glitchy Life Coach think machine won’t help you when you’re lost — what you really need is a Mapper. Don’t worry — the Society of St. Paulus is looking out for you! Herein is a host of gear they recommend for every explorer’s kit, from an expeditionary medallion for orienteering to a chameleon suit for hunting dangerous game, each with a snippet of advice from the Society of St. Paulus Expedition Guide.

The Explorer’s Gear Card Deck presents 30 cards of equipment useful for explorers, from hunting rifles and portable think machines to cyber implants and off road vehicles. In addition, 20 cards help you keep track of the special items awarded by the factions to apprentices, from the Decados’ “Little Friend” to the Muster’s MuSpA (multi spectrum armor).

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