Fading Suns 4 Imperial Dossier Brother Battle

Sword of the Prophet

The Known Worlds’ most elite soldiers are also its most pious. Supremely disciplined training regimes and constant conflict forges these warrior monks into living weapons, the defenders of the Faith and the last line of defense against the Dark.

Includes Threats Assessment, a report on the Known Worlds border conflicts, from Hargard to Hira to the Stigmata Garrison and the borders of the Vau Hegemony.

The Imperial Dossier series examines in depth the main factions of the Fading Suns universe. Each book serves as a primer on a single faction, commissioned by the empire for its diplomats, bureaucrats, soldiers, star sailors, Questing Knights, and their Cohorts, with commentary from the Imperial Eye. Each book also includes a “factbook” about a topic closely related to the dossier’s faction, and a rules section that includes new callings, perks, equipment, and even alien creatures.

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