Fading Suns 4 Imperial Dossier Charioteers Guild

The Stars Their Destination

The guild of merchants and pilots is renowned for its gaudily dressed hagglers and its intrepid space jockeys — as well as its monopoly on the production of jumpkeys needed for travel through the jumpgates. Star travel would be crippled without this efficient guild’s contributions, despite the cut it takes every step of the way. Charioteers are always the first to go beyond the borders of the known — and the first to figure out how to profit from it.

Includes Star Travel, a primer on spacecraft life and what to expect when taking a celestial voyage.

The Imperial Dossier series examines in depth the main factions of the Fading Suns universe. Each book serves as a primer on a single faction, commissioned by the empire for its diplomats, bureaucrats, soldiers, star sailors, Questing Knights, and their Cohorts, with commentary from the Imperial Eye. Each book also includes a “factbook” about a topic closely related to the dossier’s faction, and a rules section that includes new callings, perks, equipment, and even alien creatures.

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