Fading Suns 4 St. Paulus’ Guide to Spacecraft

The Jumproad Goes Ever On

The Society of St. Paulus provides a host of benefits for its wayfaring members, including a series of field guides on all manner of topics of interest to explorers. Herein we find their Field Guide to Spacecraft, with advice and inside information on a variety of starships for those who would ply the stars, whether as merchants, scouts, lawgivers, or — Pancreator forbid! — pirates. From interior features, such as mess halls and secret smuggling caches, to variant models (turning a hauler into a pilgrim transport), the Guide helps you choose the craft that best fits your interstellar schemes.

St. Paulus Field Guide to Spacecraft features deckplans and descriptions for 12 civilian ships, including explorers, raiders, escorts, and haulers. In addition, you’ll find rules for ship construction and how to run space encounters with troupe members taking the roles of captain, pilot, navigator, and engineer.

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