Falthringor 04 – Beyond

Falthringor 04 – Beyond Falthringor 04 – Beyond Falthringor is home now, and nothing will change that Welcome to the final release of Falthringor, everyone! This bundle completes the borough, adding the final map, a bunch of extra lore about guilds, religion, and the giants, an ultra peaceful track for roleplaying, and a stunning collaboration with our BB cofounders Cze and Peku.
Before we dive in, a few notes:
We will only be releasing twice in December. The BB crew needs a bit of a holiday break. As this Patreon is “pay per creation,” you will of course be discounted accordingly. We’ll be back in full force in January. We are hard at work on Sootwyn Barrow Definitive Edition. Thank you for your patience! We’ll begin work on Falthringor DE once Sootwyn Barrow is completed. Expect that sometime in January. Borough Guide This final borough guide introduces you to the five great guilds of Falthringor, including NPCs for each and some suggestions about how to introduce crafting guilds into your campaigns. Next we dive into the religion of House Wenjansk. What does it really mean to “commune with the bestial spirits”? Finally, we introduce our first major giant NPC and a quest to end this war once and for all. Throughout, we’ve got some stunning art from Rachel and Aimée as usual!
Maps In map 4, we can see the southeast wall of Falthringor. The focal point here is the perilous Spirit Nest, a church of sorts that hangs out over the precipice. This is a mountaintop fortress, after all. The “green” variant for this map is particularly stunning. Those of you who have transposed Falthringor to a less frigid environ are going to love this map, I suspect.

Our interior map this week is Matt’s rendition of the Spirit Nest. While I’m not advocating for violence in a place of worship, it does seem like it would be a bit of a missed opportunity if your players never got a chance to Sparta kick a priest off of the balcony. All patrons at the Chief Courier tier and up get access to this interior map!
Music When you need music to score your liturgical roleplaying scenes, throw on “Spirit Nest” for maximal religious grandeur. It was a lot of fun creating a track that felt appropriately pious while still fitting in with the whole Slavic medieval folk vibe. The main track has some emotional melodies, while the “(Ambient)” variant provides a mostly steady soundscape to wash over your players when you don’t want them distracted.

Alchemy Lab – Collaboration with Cze and Peku We’re collaborating with BB team members Cze and Peku for this release. They’ve contributed this absolutely gorgeous alchemy lab map, perfect for quests deep into Falthringor’s abandoned underbelly. If your players are going to defeat the giants and restore vitality to the Duscarn Range, they’ll likely have to glean a few arcane secrets first. Use this map for thrilling conclusions to your dungeoneering quests, all while never leaving Falthringor.

Cze and Peku have been making vibrant and imaginitive RPG battlemaps for years now. Go support them on Patreon.

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This week’s map variations:

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