Gartopia Issue 1 Crypts

Welcome to the first issue of Gartopia Crypts!

This is a new ttrpg zine filled with themed, system agnostic content for our patrons. For a long time now the Garblag Games team have been creating actual plays and giving the additional content out to our awesome patrons. We’ve shared ideas on rules, maps, NPCs and story content fairly consistently and have really enjoyed sharing our methods, opinions and tools in running roleplaying games. Well, now we’ve decided to collate all these extras into a monthly zine.

Gartopia will provide you with tools and content that you can drop into your game with little work. We are staying system agnostic, but where rolls or stats are required we’ll be giving an idea of difficulty or level to help you translate it into whatever system you use.

You can get every new issue of Gartopia as it lands at or provide feedback at the Gartopia discordhttps//

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