January 2023 Small Preview.

January 2023 Small Preview. January 2023 Small Preview. Hi, In January, we will embark on a journey far into the depths of the jungle, where there is a race of lizardfolk who rarely let anyone into their kingdom. Today we want to show you these 3 models, the whole thing will be shown to you just before Christmas.

For generations, the Amazons from the Temple of Serpents have been protecting an ancient source of magic against raids, explorers, and power-hungry wizards. Nobody could breach their fierce defenses so far and the power contained to thrive and grow. What Amazons did not know is that the jungle continued beyond the mountains up north which they believed to be the edge of the world. That’s where the true descendants of the Serpent Goddess lived. That’s where they retired after protecting the jungle themselves for eons past. The creatures from the oldest Amazon legends, the ones who supposedly asked them to carry the torch. They were believed to be a myth and now… they are back. Serpentbloods did not expect the Amazons to do their job so thoroughly and for so long. They did not expect the power to grow that much. Still, they did not come back to congratulate them. They came to warn them. A power this strong will draw a threat beyond the capabilities of a single tribe. They need to find a way to unite before the darkness floods them.
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