Kneel, Wyrms! A Dragonlance Campaign Companion Fantasy Grounds Conversion

Welcome ToKrynn

Krynn, a plane which puts the Dragons inDungeons & Dragons. Home to the evil queen Takhisis and her hordes of Draconian minions, opposed by Paladine the Platinum Dragon and the Knights of Solamnia, among many other factions. As you play through yourShadow of the Dragon Queencampaign, you may want to expand your game with new draconic options, or items unique to theDragonlancecampaign setting.

Weild the fury of dragons!

Turn your body into a conduit for the rage of dragonkind with two new subclasses for the Barbarian, Path of the Dragon Queen and Path of the Platinum Dragon.


Channel arcane might!

Burn your foes with the breath of Takhisis herself using new spells and an expanded set of features for the Draconic Bloodline sorcerous origin.

Discover treasures of Krynn!

Enhance your hoards with three new magic items inspired by the mythos of Krynn.


Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity! Check ourauthor pagefor the FGU Bundle for a discount on the PDF version.


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