Kyrie’s Mystic Tome of Magical Girls

With Light and Innocence, a Pure Hearted Wish is Granted

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This 47 page PFDcontains information for playing the magical girl class. Inside, you will find class features, a class table, five subclasses, new features inspired by magical girls, new spells, magic items, and artifacts. Beyond that are a few magical girl inspired NPCs and a couple of monsters for players to battle against!

While it’s easy to create a spellcaster who happens to be a girl and call them a magical girl, I wanted to set out to make a class that highlights the themes and tropes commonly found in the magical girl genre. Alter egos, transformations, magical accessories, mentor mascots, and more. And while it is called Kyrie’s Mystic Tome of Magical Girls, I don’t consider it female exclusive. I’d encourage using the class for male characters, too. I guess I also want to try and do something a little different that’s pretty typical in more eastern media but not easily grasped in the western style and mechanics of D&D.

This is my first time doing anything like this, and I strove for quality above all else, ensuring that it reads much like any other D&D publication for ease of use. In the future, I hope to add a low rez version so that the PDF loads smoothly and a simplified version for reading on phones and other handheld devices.





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Elizabeth V
Dec 16, 2022 201 am EST

Hi, congratulations on your first publication. It would help to know what is a “magical girl”? It sounds like it refers to something specific besides a mage or druid or bard that is also a girl.

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John S
Dec 16, 2022 209 am EST

Oh, I should add that to the description. Magical Girls are an anime trope that typically centers around girls who are, well, Magical. Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors Sakura, and Tokyo Mew Mew would be a few classic titles. Newer titles would be Madoka Magica. I wrote this PDF to highlight those tropes and themes for a D&D game.

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