Race Design for D&D 5th Edition Creating New PC Species

The second edition of my Copper Best Seller. Revised and updated.

WOTC’s PC ‘races’ for 5th edition fall short of the number and diversity of species available as player characters in previous editions.

Built on analysis of 5th edition’s mathematics, this second edition of my system reverse engineers how WOTC built ‘races’ allowing DMs to create new player character species and feats. There are also 32 examples in short form.

An optional section contains rules that are not part of the reversed engineered system. Here rules from the PHB and DMG are applied in new ways to open a greater choice of PC options than the small and medium humanoids WOTC uses. The awakened animals, giants, dragons, and more seen as protagonists in fantasy fiction, mythology, folklore, and previous editions of D&D are now yours to play. Race fails to capture this diversity, so I prefer the term species.

Benefitting from over seven years of playtesting and development. My book uses evidence from the Players’ Handbook, Dungeon Masters’ Guide, Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, the Tortle Package, One Grung Above, Locathah Rising, and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything to determine how species and feats are built and price traits.

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Example PC species given in short form are awakened black bear, awakened cat, centaur, drakon, brass dragon, bronze dragon, copper dragon, silver dragon, gold dragon, derro dwarf, ferrrish elf, floating eyeball, flumph, awakened frog, fog giant, hill giant, stone giant, thurse giant, evolved gorbel, ancient grey ooze, a variant half elf that can be blended with any elf sub species, half mer, urd kobold, kuo toa, merfolk, large minotaur, myconid, awakened giant octopus, awakened parrot, awakened raven, and worg.

You may also enjoy my other booklets that give specific species full length write ups and provide a wealth of supporting rules and lore.

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