Wayfarer’s Deck In Pursuit of Knowledge

In Pursuit of Knowledgeis asystem agnostic and fantasy appropriate deck of oracles, libraries, and archivesready to use in your tabletop RPG of choice! Across50 illustrated tarot sized cards, you’ll find suspiciously well informed items, shady prophets, cozy reading rooms, and many more!

Is your adventuring party always digging for more information about the setting? Do you want to seize every opportunity to drop lore upon them? Is there a prophecy you need to introduce in a convincing and natural manner? Did the wizard finally crack and decided to research every spell in living and dead history?

We got you. Grab this deck and never again be caught unawares when your players decide to investigate.


This PDF has been optimized for the screen reader accessibility to the best of our abilities. It includes tags, set reading order, and alternative text for the images. It is also fully bookmarked. If there’s anything else we can do to make the experience better, let us know.

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