WIP January Teaser! Sommos Jow Veterans

WIP January Teaser! Sommos Jow Veterans WIP January Teaser! Sommos Jow Veterans “My life for The Shoals!”
January is going to be a fishfolk month, revisiting the scattered remains of the Sommos Empire. The Sommos are mortal enemies of the Mikata, as their Empire was destroyed due to the machinations of the cunning and scheming Ryujin. Most of the former empire lands have become rife with roving bands of bandits, for it is a lawless place ruled only by local warlords and gangsters…
This preview was a little bit late, as we were working on several models at the same time. Our next teaser will be coming much sooner, and I think everyone will like that one a lot. I managed to tie the lore into some of our older canon as well, so for fans of the CobraMode Universe, our next WIP will add some richness to our existing story.
Sommos Jow Veterans
Descendents of the elite warriors of the Empire, they still wear the customary cloak of the Urhatur and carry on the traditional training and martial techniques. Jow are typically quite formidable, but these veterans have added skill and discipline, making them difficult opponents when organized. These particular Jow are older, as can be seen by their fleshy beards. Both male and female Jow grow them as they age.

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