Awakened Garden

The Awakened Gardendoubles as an adventure location andtoolbox to support running a high fantasy enchanted forest. It consists of

  • Ahigh resolution regional mapof theAwakened Garden.
  • A collection of37 encountersthat maintains a balance of combat, exploration, roleplay, and skill challenges.
  • 16 NPC outlines and portraits.
  • 5 quests for different alignmentsthat tie the encounters and NPCs together.

You can view the sample to see how the different assets are arranged to support use at the table. Below is a preview of the document. The used art (e.g., NPC portraits, maps) is included in a supplementary zip file.

Awakened Garden   Overview of toolbox content

The encounters reference OGL concepts (e.g., monsters), though adapting the content to any system should be trivial.

Background on the Awakened Garden

Mages from a city to the north ventured to this once tame forest to set defenses against an enemy force encroaching from the south. Using ancient rites, they awakened flora and fauna, hoping to use them as weapons. The disturbed nature turned on the mages, slaying them. Two years have passed since that day. Few have ventured into the forest and returned to tell the tale. With the war over, the city seeks to reclaim its Garden. The Scarlet Dryad has other plans.

Product Companions

Companions for this product include

  • Love Transcends Any End, a 5th edition Tier 2 adventure with maps, portraits, items, and other assets similar to the ones presented here.

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