Dragonlance Map Pouch Champions of Krynn, Chapter 1

Cataclysm Productions presents 10 maps for any Dragonlance or generic campaign! Several are directly supporting the adventure Champions of Krynn, Chapter 1, The Mystery of the Lost Patrol. Inside the product you’ll find

  • Full resolution JPEG files of 10 maps with grids
  • Full resolution JPEG files of 10 maps without grids for online campaigns
  • Full resolution JPEG files of 7 maps with grids and marked locations
  • Printable PDF 8.5×11 Letter sized of 10 maps with grids

This release assists any Dungeon Master wanting to take their Dragonlance campaign to the next level in the Ansalon city of Throtl. Each is encounter ready and expanded to challenge your party! Happy gaming.

Previews (6 of 10)

All Campaigns

A camp map

An explorable cavern

A crossable river

Champions of Krynn

Caravan is attacked

Throtl Barracks Lower Level

Throtl Barracks Top Level

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