The Braunhaven Campaign Setting

Designed forOld School Essentials Advanced Fantasy.

The world of Braunhaven recovers from a deadly plague while being ruled by a despotic emperor. Heroes are needed now, more than ever, as the people of the town of Braunhaven attempt to rebuild their lives.

Full details for the setting including

  • Calendar and holidays of the region
  • Religion and a full pantheon of gods
  • Economics in the region
  • Details on each of the major player races
  • Common languages of the region
  • New monsters and plants for your OSE B/X game

Includes the adventure,The Thing in the Basement for levels 1 3.

  • A two level dungeon with 67 explorable areas
  • Full color referee and player maps
  • Printable player handouts

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This item is produced by Christopher Wilson

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