The Pit of Paranoia

A dark fantasy adventure module for level 2 characters

designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (1e)

also compatible with 3.5e and similar D20 fantasy systems with minor modifications.

An ancient cave system has opened like a mouth, whispering tempting promises to those bold or reckless enough to listen. A band of intrepid delvers, balancing between reason and folly, must beware the darkness that awaits.

A convention tested linear dungeon delve with elements of eldritch horror.Suitable for one single or double session. Madness awaits within tenebrous caverns beneath an abandoned mine, where the hunt for a renegade wizard leads adventurers on a grim descent.

Also includes

  • Map
  • Full descriptions of encounters with all relevant enemy stats and tactics
  • Random encounters
  • Encounter modifiers for larger parties
  • Pre gen player characters

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