The Test of Champions

Your party is strong but are you truly the strongest of all the realms? Can you survive the grueling trial of champions and prove yourself worthy to be called the best of the best? Beware, those who enter this challenge wil have to endure traps, goblins, boiling lava, and much more. Their strength, cunning, and reflexes will be tested but should they prevail they will be crowned the champions and truly claim the title of best in the realm!

The Test of Champions is designed to be a mid level introductory module that accomodates new and returning players alike. New players will enjoy the thrill of power that higher levels provide while still feeling challenged to learn the basic mechanics of 5e. Returning players will enjoy the challenge of completing the adventure while on a timer, doing their best to move quickly from point to point in an effort to secure the highest possible score.

This module can be run as a one shot or dropped in to any existing campaign. The most unique aspect of this is the meta level scoring system that allows for multiple parties to compete against one another for the highest score, turning this into a truly expansive event. If you are a part of a large tabletop community, this module is sure to be a hit and increase engagement.

The Test of Champions is an exciting adventure that welcomes new and experienced players, brings together communities, and offers unique challenges. Consider adding it to your library today!

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