Vampire Lair (23×30) Public

Vampire Lair (23×30) Public Vampire Lair (23×30) Public Greetings!
A group of vampires has taken residence in the passageways beneath the old library. They have spruced up the place and now they have a nice, cozy lair all to themselves and their faithful ghouls.
People often come to their dwelling, for they have an inhuman allure. Impossible to resist. But those visitors inevitably become their dinner, sooner or later the blood will nourish the always thirsty vampires.
The heroes are now here and ready to defeat the creatures of the night. But not everyting is what it seems and these vampires might just not be the incarnation of evil some people make them out to be.
Patrons will get higher resolution maps, gridless versions, alternate color palettes and variations with different amount of props. Check out the image below to see what’s included in each tier!

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