Warforged of the Multiverse



Author’s Note

Hey there, folks! Cam here, with a new series for you all Lineages of the Multiverse! This grew out of a conversation I have SO MANY TIMES when I work with players to come up with characters for different settings “Well, what are X people like in X world?” And that is especially poignant with the worlds we find in the published Wizards settings.

We are presented with Faerun, Eberron, Ravnica, Ravenloft, Theros, Strixhaven (Arcavios), the Feywild, and the First World. Eight worlds don’t worry, Radiant Citadel and Spelljammer lineages are coming. But where to now?

Warforged have been the lineage that captured my heart since I first cracked open an old 3.5 Eberron book, immediately taken by the artwork of Wayne Reynolds showing these solemn constructs. Surprise surprise, I have several Bionicle and other pop culture themed warforged books under my belt, but here I got the chance to let other folks play around as well. Bob, Erin, John, and Griffin put their best into these, crafting incredibly fun and exciting lineages for warforged that all feel unique to their own worlds.

Coupled with Ruben’s incredible skill whose work you have seen in many titles from myself and Adam Hancock that fills these lineages with so much life, Warforged of the Multiverse is a snag for all.

It was a lot of fun especially in an art direction to take a classic people from D&D’s history and completely reimagine and redesign them. We hope you enjoy the fourth Lineages book as much as we enjoyed making it!


Built from Metal, Stone, and Grit.

Within this fourth book of the Lineages of the Multiverse, learn about the eight models of warforged that appear across the multiverse. Eight schema from various different worlds. From the forgeborn of Theros, the weirdforged of Ravnica, and the confined soul of Ravenloft all hum with the heartbeat of a machine.

John, Griffin, Bob, and Erin all did amazing work designing these new lineages, and Ruben’s art gives them new “life”, as it were. Learn more about the warforged variants across the multiverse in this new title!Keep your eyes tuned for more multiverse projects coming down the pipe!

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