100 Bridges to Find in a Dungeon (C&C)

This is a collection of 100 bridges that can be used to enhance a dungeon, or other appropriate area. Some of the bridges definitely need to be underground, but others could be found in other areas, including aboveground. Some are odd, some are potentially dangerous and some are only very loosely bridges and only if such includes any means of getting across a gap.

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Here are some sample results

  • Each end of this stone bridge is entered through a carving of an open mouth. Iron teeth protrude from the top of the mouth and there are holes in the stone beneath. If a mechanism is triggered, the teeth shoot downwards, joined by matching iron spikes shooting up through the holes, blocking the way and potentially catching anyone attempting to pass through (make a CL 6 Dexterity check or be hit by the spikes for 4d6 points of damage).
  • Enormous stalagmites rise up from the ground, spaced fairly evenly across the gap. The tops of the stalagmites have been removed and planks laid across the gaps between them.
  • Flaming gas jets are positioned equidistantly along the walls of this bridge, burning brightly (equivalent to a lantern each) and making it, and anyone crossing it, visible from some distance. The gas jets are too hot to closely approach (anyone who approaches within 5′ will take 1d4 points of heat damage; touching one increases the damage to 1d6).
  • Floating platforms bob in the air, spaced evenly enough to cross the gap. Each platform is big enough for four medium creatures, but if more than two such (or the equivalent) stand on one, it will start to sink; the more weight, the faster it falls. The gap can be crossed by jumping from one platform to the next (with a CL 1 Dexterity check).
  • Flowstone appears to have completely covered this bridge, hiding it from view, but closer inspection (CL 3 Intelligence check) reveals that there is no bridge under the flowstone; the flowstone, which has somehow been guided to form where it has, is the bridge.

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